Important Information

March 29, 2021

About three weeks ago, I sent out an email letting everyone know that we were aware of Governor Abbott's decision to lift the Texas mask mandate. I appreciate everyone's response to that email and patience as you waited for the elders and deacons to meet and discuss the implications.
After our meeting yesterday, we wanted to publicly let everyone know that we encourage each member and family to decide for themselves what they would like to do. For those of you who still feel the importance of distancing and wearing a mask, we hope you will. For those who feel comfortable not wearing a mask, you have our blessing not to wear a mask. My prayer through all of this is that we will continue to demonstrate love and understanding with each other.
Also, we will patiently watch and wait to determine the best practices for integrating some of the other things we changed in response to COVID-19.
One thing we are putting on the calendar that many of us have missed is a fellowship luncheon. We plan to have lunch after church on Sunday, May 16th, as part of our Senior Sunday to celebrate Katelyn Hunt. We will plan for the best and be flexible if we have to adjust. If things go well, we hope to resume luncheons every month.

March 5, 2021

As I am sure many of you are aware, Governor Abbott issued an executive order on Tuesday. The order states that on Wednesday, March 10th (A) all Texas businesses can open without limits on capacity or occupancy, and (B) there will no longer be a statewide mandate to wear face coverings in public places.
Many businesses, states, and organizations are starting to imagine and plan how to appropriately and safely transition back into "normal." Today the elders and I had our weekly meeting and began the process of determining how to transition back to normal while maintaining the best interests of our church family. We will continue to meet and discuss with added input from you and the deacons on how to handle the new transition best.
With all that being said, as we gain clarity on what our process will look like, we will share with y'all. As we have tried to demonstrate since March of 2020, we want to respect the safety of our members and allow individuals the freedom to determine what is best for their own health. Like Christ teaches us, we want to care for ourselves, and more importantly, be considerate of how our actions affect others. This will still be the case on Sunday, March 7th, and every Sunday after that.
Thank you all so much for your patience and flexibility. We hope that the increased access to vaccines will make it more possible for all of us to be together again soon.