Important Information


Here is a VIDEO LINK that explains our new request for members to wear masks to church on Sunday in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to comply with Governor Abbott's request.


Here is a VIDEO LINK that explains what our social distance services will look like this coming Sunday, May 31st.



We are going to thoroughly communicate everything you need to know before May 31st through Facebook, email, and the “Important Information” tab on our website. We will count on all of you to help share the information with each other.


Here are some important highlights:

  • We will ensure that the church is sanitized thoroughly before each service, with ample hand sanitizers available for everyone.
    • We want to stress that all those who are in the State’s defined “High-Risk Categories” should continue to stay home and use our Livestream. In addition, there will be some of you who want to wait a little longer before gathering. We also ask that if you are feeling sick in any way or have reason to be concerned about your health, please stay home. We affirm your decision and appreciate your caution.
  • While no one will be required to do so, you are welcome to wear a mask to our Worship Assembly.
    • Please reserve the parking along the side of the building for those who will have difficulty walking to the front entry.  We'd like them to be as close as possible.
    • We ask that everyone, no matter where you park, to come through the front entrance facing Hwy 6. Next, we ask that you not assemble in the foyer but head into the Auditorium and find your seats. We will have ushers to help guide you to a pew.  Once in your seats, feel free to converse with those around you.
  • While most of the hallways and classrooms will not be accessible, the foyer bathrooms will be available for use.
    • As you enter the foyer, you will be directed to pick up a self-contained communion set for you and your family. If you would like, you are welcome to bring your own communion supplies. A trash bin will be placed near the exit in the Large Classroom for you to discard your communion supplies on your way out.  Also, in the foyer, there will be a designated area for you to leave your contribution upon entering or exiting.
  • Families with children of any age will need to remain together before, during, and after the service. You will be asked to keep your children with you until you exit the building.
  • While families are welcome to sit next to each other (obviously), we will have designations on the pews to help make sure that every family or individual is safely distanced from each other. If you have spent plenty of time with a non-family member during this quarantine and you would like to sit with them during church, feel free to, but please check with them before service.
  • When the service concludes, we will dismiss by rows to exit through the doors in the large classroom. There will be a designated place for contributions waiting there also.  This is the opportunity to discard your communion leftover supplies.   If you would like to socialize, we ask you to wait until you are outside the building.
  • If you are interested in attending services but are nervous because you are at a higher risk, we are considering having a second service on Sunday morning (maybe at 8 am, or some time in the afternoon) that is exclusively for at-risk members. We would meet in a smaller venue at the church building. If that is something you are interested in, please let me know.






For up-to-date notifications and important information from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), click on the link below, or go to the "Media" tab.