Minister and Church Profiles

Our preacher, Steve Countryman, is returning to the work of the Woodbury Church in St. Paul, MN after six years with us.  We are most sad to see him go, but do support him in the work with the Urban Ministries that he was involved with for 17 years prior to joining with us.


We are seeking to have a pulpit minister who has some experience in weathering the storms of life for himself and others in spiritual guidance.  A man who is comfortable preaching and teaching Bible Classes.  Someone who wishes to grow as a spiritual speaker/teacher and leader.  A man who can communicate with all types of believers and those yet to believe, older and younger, fortunate and less fortunate.  Someone who knows the path is difficult but is willing to fight the fight, study hard and become what God has in store for him here in Clifton, TX.  A person who is willing to be a part of the Ministerial Alliance and serve the spiritual and physical needs of the community.


The Clifton Church of Christ is at present a group of 100 people who are disciples of Jesus with the desire to be more like Him.  We are a Bible centric, acapella church that is also community and service oriented, and is part of the local Ministerial Alliance.  Clifton Church of Christ is a multi-generational community of believers who desire youth development, as we know they are our future.  We support missions, local and foreign, and wish to continue our growth in the faith and assist those in need in our community, country and world.


Interested applicants  for the minister position may e-mail his resume to for a more rapid response.  Mailing address for an alternate option is P.O. Box 229, Clifton, TX  76634. 

You may wish to send a link to recenet sermons if available.




Melissa Christensen, Secretary


Melissa is an import to Clifton, but is a native Texan.  With a degree in education, and a background in teaching as well as medical administration, Melissa enjoys helping others.

After coming to Clifton in 2012, Melissa and her husband Doug, have grown accustomed to the intimacy of Clifton.  They enjoy the Norweigan culture, and the variety of artistic talents.